Recognising How Sleep Affects Your Days

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Many people fail to recognize how lack of sleep affects how they feel during the day. Tiredness results in more than feeling sleepy with an occasional yawn. The implications of continued sleeplessness can be far reaching, affecting not only physical and mental health but also relationships and work. Note the [...]

Drugs and Medication For Improving Alertness

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Most people will have heard of sleeping pills or even experienced their effects. For short term or severe symptoms they can be a valuable aid to restoring sleep. Staying alert has been more of a challenge for scientists who seek to maintain physical strength and cognitive awareness for longer periods [...]

Legal Consequences of Working When Tired

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00February 1, 2009|Staying Alert|

People are waking up to the reality of how lack of sleep can affect the body and mind. Fatigue and sleep loss affect performance, concentration and the ability to understand and follow instructions. Of course, the ultimate danger is to actually fall asleep and this is a distinct possibility, especially [...]

How to Stay Alert and Improve Performance

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More and more people are recognising the importance of rest and sleep and how it affects performance. A society that increasingly runs on 24/7 results in individuals working and sleeping at times that are out of phase with the normal sleep/wake cycle. This is not about to change so help [...]

How You Can Help Your Employees With Sleep Problems

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Employers and employees will not be productive if they are tired and not getting enough sleep. Fatigue at work leads to accidents, bad morale and loss of business. With the present economic environment more and more people are working long hours, split shifts and commuting long distances. It is important [...]

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