Sleep and Pregnancy

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It has been suggested that insomnia during pregnancy is nature's way of preparing women for motherhood! Pregnancy brings a number of changes to sleep, from feeling very tired and sleepy to suffering from insomnia and other sleep disturbances. First Trimester During the early months, hormonal changes make many prospective mothers [...]

Changes In Sleep Patterns as We Age

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Growing older brings many changes. Changes in sleep are part of the normal ageing process, but some elderly people find it difficult to adjust. Sleep is important to our health and wellbeing at any age and sleep disturbances affect many elderly people. They may remain undiagnosed causing distress and impacting [...]

Factors Affecting Women’s Sleep

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Sleep disturbance in women is affected by natural events in most women's lives. Menstruation, pregnancy and the menopause cause changes in the mind and body and can affect a woman's sleeping patterns. Most women are able to adjust to the hormonal fluctuations that accompany these times but for some, insomnia [...]

Smoking and the Connection with Sleep Problems

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Smoking and sleep disturbance often go hand in hand with each other. All stimulants interfere with the body's ability to fall and stay asleep. Dependency means that sleep may be disrupted or delayed as the body craves for nicotine. Illness and discomfort can also make it difficult to fall and [...]

Pranayama: Controlling Your Breathing

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Pranayama means the control of prana. In yoga this is achieved by learning techniques, which help you to control your breathing. When you are able to control how you breathe you are better able to cope with stress and other physical demands. The mind becomes calmer and you are more [...]

Yoga for Fitness and Sleep

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Yoga will help you improve your strength and flexibility and help you feel relaxed and calm. Aerobic exercise often leaves you feeling invigorated and alert and may keep you awake if taken too near to bedtime. A combination exercise that will improve your cardiovascular fitness, keep you strong and flexible [...]

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