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Sleep Disorders and Memory

By |2021-05-26T12:57:13+00:00February 19, 2011|Sleep Problems|

Sleep disorders can cause many difficulties in waking life, but did you know that they can seriously affect your memory? New research is uncovering the mechanisms by which this happens. Even if insomnia itself remains a problem, it may become possible to treat this symptom and enable sufferers to live [...]

Look Good Despite Sleep Problems: Case Study

By |2021-05-26T12:57:14+00:00November 15, 2010|Case Studies|

Everybody knows tat when you're feeling down, looking good can make you feel better. Unfortunately, sleep problems can take their toll on your looks as well as on your general mood. Even if you don't aspire to be beautiful, looking like you haven't slept can be a problem in professional [...]

How I Beat Depression Related Insomnia: Case Study

By |2021-05-26T12:57:14+00:00November 15, 2010|Case Studies|

Depression can make it difficult to deal with everyday life, let alone insomnia as well, but the two conditions often go hand in hand. Karine, now 22, was only in her teens when depression struck, and the sleep problems that followed turned her life upside down. Now, however, she is [...]

My Life With a Nocturnal Body Clock: Case Study

By |2021-05-26T12:57:14+00:00November 15, 2010|Case Studies|

Sometimes sleep problems don't mean not being able to sleep at all, they mean not being able to sleep at the right times. Scientific evidence increasingly suggests that most of us go through a phase in our teens when it's natural for us to struggle in the mornings and feel [...]

Sleep Deprivation and the Brain

By |2021-05-26T12:57:14+00:00November 15, 2010|Sleep Problems|

It's well known that certain types of changes in the brain, such as those following strokes, can trigger insomnia - but did you know that insomnia can also trigger changes in the brain? Some of these help to explain the links between insomnia and other health problems, whilst others help [...]

Managing Light in the Bedroom

By |2021-05-26T12:57:14+00:00November 15, 2010|Sleep Environment|

Many people with sleep problems are affected by light, with too much or too little making things worse. Different types of light can also affect how you sleep and can change your natural sleep cycle. Understanding and controlling light in your bedroom can make it easier to sleep well at [...]

When Does Temporary Sleeplessness Become Insomnia?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:14+00:00November 15, 2010|About Sleep|

Everybody suffers from sleeplessness from time to time. Whether it's caused by illness, stress, pain or over-excitement, it's a common problem. So how can you tell if your problem is just temporary or if it's becoming something more serious? How long should you wait before deciding that you may have [...]

My Life With Permanent Sleep Problems: A Case Study

By |2021-05-26T12:57:15+00:00August 1, 2010|Case Studies|

What is it like to live with serious sleep problems in the long term? We talked to Dave, in his mid-thirties, who has been dealing with Insomnia for a decade. Dave's Sleep Problems "It started due to another medical problem about 10 years ago, and I don't know if it's [...]

Psychotherapy and Insomnia

By |2021-05-26T12:57:15+00:00August 1, 2010|Professional Help|

After decades of trying to manage insomnia with drugs, doctors are waking up to the possibility that psychotherapy may be a more effective option for many patients. Increasingly, research studies are showing that cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT) can help insomniacs break away from problem sleep patterns and reset their [...]

Medicines That Can Cause Sleep Problems

By |2021-05-26T12:57:15+00:00May 18, 2010|Sleeping Aids|

As anybody with long term health problems knows, even the best medicines can have unpleasant side effects, and some seem to be more trouble than they're worth. Could your medicine be causing your insomnia? If so, what should you do about it? Coming off your medicine unsupervised is rarely a [...]

Parkinsons Disease and Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:15+00:00February 8, 2010|Disorders & Problems|

The Parkinson’s Disease Society estimates that around one in 500 people have Parkinson’s disease with 10,000 diagnosed in the UK each year. Although symptoms generally appear after the age of 50, one in 20 of those diagnosed each year are under 40 with men slightly more likely to develop the [...]

Multiple Schlerosis and Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:15+00:00February 3, 2010|Disorders & Problems|

Multiple Sclerosis affects thousands of people and usually begins in early to middle adulthood, affecting more women than men. An autoimmunine disease, where the immune system mistakenly attacks normal tissues in the body, it affects the myelin which covers the nerves responsible for transmitting messages between the brain and other [...]

How to Cure Husband’s Habit of Waking at Same Time Each Day?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00July 7, 2009|Ask Our Experts|

Thank you for your question. Now, I am not quite sure if this is a problem for your husband or you...You say he falls asleep easily and just wakes at the same time each day. As you say he is not stressed, I can only assume that he is having [...]

Too Young For Sleeping Pills: Any Other Sleep Solutions?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00April 20, 2009|Ask Our Experts|

Sleep can be evasive, and the harder you look, the harder it seems to find. Doctors are naturally reluctant to prescribe pills as they can have side effects and do not provide the long-term help that many people require. This reluctance may have little to do with age but the [...]

Drugs and Medication For Improving Alertness

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00February 3, 2009|Staying Alert|

Most people will have heard of sleeping pills or even experienced their effects. For short term or severe symptoms they can be a valuable aid to restoring sleep. Staying alert has been more of a challenge for scientists who seek to maintain physical strength and cognitive awareness for longer periods [...]

Recognising How Sleep Affects Your Days

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00February 3, 2009|Staying Alert|

Many people fail to recognize how lack of sleep affects how they feel during the day. Tiredness results in more than feeling sleepy with an occasional yawn. The implications of continued sleeplessness can be far reaching, affecting not only physical and mental health but also relationships and work. Note the [...]

Legal Consequences of Working When Tired

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00February 1, 2009|Staying Alert|

People are waking up to the reality of how lack of sleep can affect the body and mind. Fatigue and sleep loss affect performance, concentration and the ability to understand and follow instructions. Of course, the ultimate danger is to actually fall asleep and this is a distinct possibility, especially [...]

How You Can Help Your Employees With Sleep Problems

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00January 31, 2009|Staying Alert|

Employers and employees will not be productive if they are tired and not getting enough sleep. Fatigue at work leads to accidents, bad morale and loss of business. With the present economic environment more and more people are working long hours, split shifts and commuting long distances. It is important [...]

How to Stay Alert and Improve Performance

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00January 31, 2009|Staying Alert|

More and more people are recognising the importance of rest and sleep and how it affects performance. A society that increasingly runs on 24/7 results in individuals working and sleeping at times that are out of phase with the normal sleep/wake cycle. This is not about to change so help [...]

Involuntary Jerking While Asleep, What Could it be?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00January 19, 2009|Ask Our Experts|

The first thing to remember is that sleep is not the same as 'relaxation'. When you are alert but relaxing the muscles are relaxed and still. As soon as you fall asleep the mind is not controlling movement and you enter the different stages of sleep. We are all familiar [...]

Other Help Available for Sleep Problems

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00December 30, 2008|Professional Help|

Finding help for sleep problems is getting easier as more people recognise the affect that sleep has on their health and wellbeing. It is no longer necessary to suffer in silence and cope with exhaustion or any of the other debilitating side effects. Anyone who has problems sleeping or experiences [...]

A Holistic Approach to Insomnia

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00December 28, 2008|Professional Help|

Many people are finding the demands of life in the 21st century affects their sleep and even their health. The long working day, shift work and even 24 access to entertainment mean that many people are not getting enough sleep or finding it difficult falling and staying asleep. For some [...]

What Happens at a Sleep Lab?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00December 28, 2008|Professional Help|

A trip to the GP may result in a prescription, the recommendation of some self-help techniques, or a referral to a Sleep Laboratory for some additional testing. Sleep is complex and it is often difficult for sufferers to describe their symptoms. This can also apply to those who believe they [...]

Pharmacist Help for Sleep Problems

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00December 28, 2008|Professional Help|

Most people experience an occasional night of sleeplessness. Excitement, worry or periods of illness can all take their toll on our sleep. Natural events in life such as puberty, pregnancy and shifts in sleep patterns as we age mean that we need less or more sleep at certain times during [...]

Seeking Help for Insomnia from Your GP

By |2021-05-26T12:57:16+00:00December 28, 2008|Professional Help|

Many people suffer with insomnia and other sleep related conditions for years before deciding to do something positive to improve their sleep and their lives. Lack of sleep affects health, work and relationships and should not be ignored. With increased recognition of the importance of a good night's sleep and [...]

Is it Possible to Drive a Car While Asleep?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00December 4, 2008|Ask Our Experts|

It sounds very much like you are suffering with a form of sleepwalking, which has the medical term of somnambulism. This condition is quite common and affects people in very different ways, such as from a simple shift of position while asleep to carrying out very hazardous activities such as [...]

Antihistamines and Over the Counter Medications To Aid Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00September 9, 2008|Sleeping Aids|

Antihistamines are available from the chemist without prescription. They are commonly used to treat allergies. They also have a sedative effect and can help relax the mind and body enough to encourage an improved night's sleep. Antihistamines are generally considered to be of little value for improving long term sleep [...]

Help Sleeping in Hot Weather Conditions

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00July 30, 2008|Sleep Environment|

For those of us who cannot sleep the problem is bad enough but add to it the problem of hot nights during the summer months and sleeping can become even more difficult for insomniacs. Even for the person who finds it quite easy to fall asleep the hot summer nights [...]

Can Genetics Play a Part in Insomnia?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00July 2, 2008|Causes of Insomnia|

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects thousands of people in the United Kingdom every night. Insomnia is categorised in two ways: Primary Insomnia Secondary Insomnia Primary Insomnia Primary Insomnia is a condition that is not caused by another condition and is not the side effect of another condition. Indeed [...]

Effect of Decreased Melatonin on Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00March 25, 2008|Causes of Insomnia|

Most people believe that sleep happens as a natural occurrence allowing the body to recharge and rest. While this is true, there are factors that indicate how much sleep we need and when we get it. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the body that allows our body to know [...]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Insomnia

By |2021-05-26T12:57:17+00:00February 16, 2008|Causes of Insomnia|

For people who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), dealing with the array of symptoms can be debilitating enough when awake but compounding the problem is the symptom of insomnia. This leaves sufferers struggling almost consistently throughout the day and the night, as they desperately attempt to obtain a good [...]

Products That Help You To Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:18+00:00April 4, 2007|Sleep Exercises|

There are numerous sleeping aids around that promise to help encourage a good night's sleep. Some have been around for centuries and others look to new technology for the answer. A good place to start the search is the bookshop or Internet. Information is the best tool for anyone suffering [...]

Sleep and Pregnancy

By |2021-05-26T12:57:18+00:00April 4, 2007|Lifestyle & Sleep|

It has been suggested that insomnia during pregnancy is nature's way of preparing women for motherhood! Pregnancy brings a number of changes to sleep, from feeling very tired and sleepy to suffering from insomnia and other sleep disturbances. First Trimester During the early months, hormonal changes make many prospective mothers [...]

Changes In Sleep Patterns as We Age

By |2021-05-26T12:57:18+00:00March 28, 2007|Lifestyle & Sleep|

Growing older brings many changes. Changes in sleep are part of the normal ageing process, but some elderly people find it difficult to adjust. Sleep is important to our health and wellbeing at any age and sleep disturbances affect many elderly people. They may remain undiagnosed causing distress and impacting [...]

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

By |2021-05-26T12:57:18+00:00February 2, 2007|Disorders & Problems|

Sleep deprivation has been used in wars and terrorism as a form of torture to force victims to disclose information. Sleep is a stronger basic need than food and water. Simply, the human body cannot do without sleep. Many people believe they have little or no sleep during the night. [...]

Factors Affecting Women’s Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:18+00:00February 2, 2007|Lifestyle & Sleep|

Sleep disturbance in women is affected by natural events in most women's lives. Menstruation, pregnancy and the menopause cause changes in the mind and body and can affect a woman's sleeping patterns. Most women are able to adjust to the hormonal fluctuations that accompany these times but for some, insomnia [...]

Keeping a Sleep Diary and Logging Sleep Patterns

By |2021-05-26T12:57:19+00:00January 31, 2007|Sleep Exercises|

Recent studies show that insomnia affects one in five of the population. Many people will recognise the symptoms: difficulty in falling asleep waking during the night or waking early in the morning. Sleep Diaries Finding the causes for lack of sleep is difficult but many insomniacs have benefited from using [...]

Mental Health and Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:19+00:00January 31, 2007|Disorders & Problems|

We have come a long way from the institutional care that many still associate with mental illness. In the last twenty years treatment and support has been transferred into the community and drug and psychotherapy have been transformed. Current estimates claim that 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems [...]

Smoking and the Connection with Sleep Problems

By |2021-05-26T12:57:19+00:00January 31, 2007|Lifestyle & Sleep|

Smoking and sleep disturbance often go hand in hand with each other. All stimulants interfere with the body's ability to fall and stay asleep. Dependency means that sleep may be disrupted or delayed as the body craves for nicotine. Illness and discomfort can also make it difficult to fall and [...]

Bedwetting and How to Break the Habit

By |2021-05-26T12:57:19+00:00January 26, 2007|Disorders & Problems|

Bedwetting is upsetting for children and parents. It is very common and often runs in families. Adults may be embarrassed by any memories of bedwetting or might not even remember their own experiences. Children rarely discuss the problem with other children so may feel that they are unusual and feel [...]

New Parents Sleeping Problems

By |2021-05-26T12:57:19+00:00January 26, 2007|Disorders & Problems|

Many parents accept that sleep will be a thing of the past when they have a baby. Sleepless night’s early risings and adjusting to baby's needs means that many people ignore their own sleep needs. Sleep is important for physical and mental health. Even short term sleep loss can affect [...]

Sleeping Pills – Addiction and Withdrawal

By |2021-05-26T12:57:19+00:00January 18, 2007|Sleeping Aids|

Despite the knowledge that sleeping pills are only of short term benefit, many people continue to experience problems with withdrawal from long term use. Sleeping pills are prescribed for a number of reasons. They help restore sleep in a crisis or during illness. They are available on prescription and the [...]

Benzodiazepines – Sleeping Pills

By |2021-05-26T12:57:20+00:00January 17, 2007|Sleeping Aids|

Sleeping Pills receive a lost of bad press. Many people prefer to work through their insomnia and use natural ways to restore sleep. Although pills have a limited affect on the problem they do have a place in short term treatment. There are times when sleeping pills can help individuals [...]

Can Daily Toxins Affect Our Sleep?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:20+00:00January 17, 2007|Sleeping Aids|

We live in a world where we are surrounded by chemicals and toxins that affect our health and environment. Fresh air, clean water and sunlight are all essential to health and wellbeing. Environmental toxins can affect our health and our sleep. Most people have experienced how working or sleeping in [...]

How Hypnosis Can Aid Better Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:20+00:00January 10, 2007|Sleeping Aids|

Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is a therapy where the subject is guided into a state of deep relaxation. They are then more able to receive suggestions that will influence and improve how they feel and act during their waking life. Hypnosis is one of a number of therapeutic techniques that aim [...]

Considering Counselling for Sleep Problems

By |2021-05-26T12:57:20+00:00January 8, 2007|Sleeping Aids|

It is estimated that up to seven million people in the UK are suffering from insomnia. People who sleep well are usually unaware that they are doing anything exceptional. It is only when sleep becomes a problem that we realise how important sleep is to our health and wellbeing. Causes [...]

Effect of Shift Work on Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:21+00:00January 4, 2007|Disorders & Problems|

Shift Work is defined as work that is outside the normal 9 -5 working day and involves a change in sleeping pattern. This usually means working through the night and sleeping during the day. This may be a permanent arrangement or might be a short term situation. Researchers are increasingly [...]

International Travel and Jet Lag

By |2021-05-26T12:57:21+00:00January 4, 2007|Disorders & Problems|

The increase in long distance travel means that more people are experiencing the condition known as Jet Lag. Jet Lag is caused by flying across time zones in a short space of time. This causes the body's 'internal clock' to fall out of sync with the present location. It may [...]

What Is ‘Acupressure’ and How Can It Aid Sleep?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:21+00:00January 3, 2007|Sleep Exercises|

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture - without the needles. Part of traditional Chinese medicine it is increasingly popular in the west. This traditional form of healing aims to treat the person rather than just the revealed symptoms. This may be particularly useful in treating sleep problems as it is often [...]

Why do we Have Nightmares?

By |2021-05-26T12:57:21+00:00December 18, 2006|Disorders & Problems|

Many people experience nightmares at some time during their life. They can cause anxiety and confusion as the disturbing images and events are often remembered when awake. Nightmares happen during REM sleep. This is when sleep is lighter and accompanied by eye movement. They usually occur during the last half [...]

Defining and Tackling Insomnia

By |2021-05-26T12:57:21+00:00December 18, 2006|Disorders & Problems|

Insomnia is a common problem. Most people suffer from an occasional sleepless night. There are also a number of other problems which can affect the length and quality of your sleep. An accurate diagnosis will mean giving some time and thought to the problem. This is often difficult as you [...]

Using Massage To Help Sleep Problems

By |2021-05-26T12:57:22+00:00December 12, 2006|Sleep Exercises|

The healing power of touch has been providing pleasure and comfort for centuries. Anyone who has ever experienced a professional massage will be aware of how deeply relaxing massage can be. Many people fall into a blissful sleep during the session and the benefits can last 'til bedtime. Massage affects [...]

Yoga for Fitness and Sleep

By |2021-05-26T12:57:22+00:00December 5, 2006|Lifestyle & Sleep|

Yoga will help you improve your strength and flexibility and help you feel relaxed and calm. Aerobic exercise often leaves you feeling invigorated and alert and may keep you awake if taken too near to bedtime. A combination exercise that will improve your cardiovascular fitness, keep you strong and flexible [...]

Pranayama: Controlling Your Breathing

By |2021-05-26T12:57:22+00:00December 5, 2006|Lifestyle & Sleep|

Pranayama means the control of prana. In yoga this is achieved by learning techniques, which help you to control your breathing. When you are able to control how you breathe you are better able to cope with stress and other physical demands. The mind becomes calmer and you are more [...]

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