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Suffering from a sleep disorder on a short or long term basis is extremely stressful and can also affect your loved ones and those you work with. Our mission is to provide a dynamic, top-quality website that will help you, and those closest to you, get a good night’s sleep.

Shift Work and Sleep

December 9, 2011|0 Comments

One of the biggest causes of sleep problems in the modern age is shift work. It's such a big issue that Shift Work Sleep Disorder has become a recognised medical condition. Often insomnia can be cured by getting into a [...]

Coughing and Sleep Loss

October 3, 2011|2 Comments

For most people, a cough is just a minor annoyance, something that goes away within a couple of days. For others, however, it can linger, and coughing at night can severely disrupt sleep. Often coughing gets worse at night. Even [...]

Sleep Disorders and Memory

February 19, 2011|0 Comments

Sleep disorders can cause many difficulties in waking life, but did you know that they can seriously affect your memory? New research is uncovering the mechanisms by which this happens. Even if insomnia itself remains a problem, it may become [...]

The Economic Cost of Sleep Problems

February 17, 2011|0 Comments

Insomnia can cause considerable problems to individuals, but what about its effect on the economy as a whole? With around one in three adults in the UK suffering from insomnia at some time in any given year, and two in [...]

Sleeping Beside Pets

February 17, 2011|0 Comments

If you struggle with insomnia you may well envy your pets, for whom sleep tends to come really easily. For some troubled sleepers, sleeping close to pets can be a surprisingly effective solution to insomnia. For others who already habitually [...]

Why Sleep Needs Vary

February 17, 2011|0 Comments

Although everybody suffers from similar problems if deprived of sleep, the actual amount of sleep required in order for different people to be healthy is very variable. Most adults need between seven and nine and a half hours per night, [...]

Natural Methods for Staying Alert

February 16, 2011|0 Comments

When you're struggling with insomnia the hardest part is often staying alert during the day. Whilst there are many medicines designed to help people sleep - which don't always work - there are relatively few to help you stay awake [...]

Aromatherapy and Insomnia

February 16, 2011|0 Comments

When you're really struggling to get to sleep, there are all sorts of things you can try to calm your senses. Simply turning out the light will relax your eyes. You may prefer silence or Soft Music for your ears. [...]

Sleep Phobias Explained

February 15, 2011|0 Comments

Many people have problems with nightmares or with different types of fear that can stop them getting to sleep at night, but what happens if you have a fear of sleep itself? This may sound odd but it's actually quite [...]

Feeling Too Cold to Sleep

February 15, 2011|11 Comments

It's hard to get to sleep when you're feeling chilly, and with good reason, because sleep makes you more vulnerable to the cold. For some people, however, feeling cold at bedtime is an everyday problem - even in warm weather. [...]

How We Fall Asleep

December 5, 2010|0 Comments

For many people with insomnia, the most difficult thing is actually falling asleep in the first place. Understanding how this process works in healthy people can help you to identify the origin of your problems and work toward solving them. [...]

Look Good Despite Sleep Problems: Case Study

November 15, 2010|1 Comment

Everybody knows tat when you're feeling down, looking good can make you feel better. Unfortunately, sleep problems can take their toll on your looks as well as on your general mood. Even if you don't aspire to be beautiful, looking [...]

Emotional Bonding and Infant Sleep

November 15, 2010|0 Comments

Do you have trouble getting your baby to go to sleep at night? This is a problem most parents face at some point, and managing it successfully can be important to helping your baby develop a healthy sleep cycle in [...]

Sleep Deprivation and the Brain

November 15, 2010|0 Comments

It's well known that certain types of changes in the brain, such as those following strokes, can trigger insomnia - but did you know that insomnia can also trigger changes in the brain? Some of these help to explain the [...]